Cleaning Contractors Business Plan Model

We get asked many, many questions (every day) about how to start or run a cleaning company - but by far, one of the most common questions is this:

How do I write a business plan - where can I get funding?

A business plan is essential of course. Whether you are just starting out or are well established, it's something that your bank will want to see, particularly if you want to borrow money. Most banks now require a business plan just to open an account!

But what is it that they actually require? Do they need a 100 page volume or a few lines written on the back of a cigarette packet? It's hard to say isn't it, unless, of course, you're an accountant or actually work in the bank!

We've picked the brains of 'everyone in the know' from bank managers to accountants and have produced everything that you will need to provide your bank with a business plan for your cleaning company - in exactly the format that they want to see.

Our product includes a number of guides, templates and spreadsheets specially written for the cleaning industry.

Guide To Company Start-Ups

Everything that you need to start a business is here. From forming your company to running it, it's packed with very useful information. Limited Company or Sole Trader? Find the answers here.

25 Marketing Campaigns

This guide gives you twenty five different ideas to market your business.

Business Plan Guide

Everything you need to know about writing a business plan.

Business Plan Template

This is a blank business plan template set up and ready for you to insert your information. Written in the format that banks want, it couldn't be easier than this to produce your business plan. Just fill in the blanks!

Completed Sample Business Plan

Read a completed business plan submitted by 'ABC Cleaning Company'. Using the template above, yours could (and should) look like this!

Spreadsheet One - Cashflow/Breakeven

Spreadsheet Two - Financial Forecasts

The above spreadsheets are written in the format that banks want to see. Just fill in a few blanks and they will produce all of the financial information that your bank will need.

Using all of the above products together will produce professional business plans in the correct format. They'll soon be falling over themselves to welcome you as a customer and to lend you money!

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