Business Documents

Business Documents 

Agency agreement 
Business to business terms and conditions 
Commercial agents agreement
Conditions of settlement
Confidentiality agreement 
Copyright assignment 
Copyright licensing 
Credit account 
Defective goods notice 
Notices under the Torts (Interference with Goods) Act 1977 
Online terms and conditions 
Privacy statement 
Sub-contracting agreement
Terms and conditions of sale to a consumer

Altering terms
Calling in a guarantee 
Cancellation due to delay 
Insolvent business owes money 
Customer satisfaction note 
Damaged goods acceptance letter 
Disputing an invoice 
Demand for delivery of goods 
Insurance cover 
Invoice reminder letter 
Passing off 
Better service
Refusal of business terms
Responding to a legal letter 
Trade reference request 
Stopping a cheque 
Verbal order 
Unsolicited goods 
No contract 

Annual General Meeting 
Board meetings and minutes 
Directors' meeting to raise finance 
Directors' resolution to call Extraordinary General Meeting 
Memorandum and Articles of Association 
Minutes of an Extraordinary General Meeting
Special notice for the removal of a director 
Resignation of a director relinquishing all claims
Shareholders' agreement 
Director's service agreement 
Notice of Extraordinary General 

Meeting to alter the Articles of Association of the company
Minutes - appointment of director(s) 
Appointment of non-executive director 
Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) to increase share capital 
Notice to change the company name 
Notice to end partnership under the provisions of
the partnership agreement 
Admission of new partner to existing business 
Dissolution of partnership 
Notice of intention to end partnership at will 
Limited liability partnership agreement
Assignment of a debt
Compromise agreement 
Instalment agreement 
Letter before action 
Letter to court enclosing Form N1 
Particulars of claim for a debt 
Acceptance of proposal to settle debt
Letter to court to request judgment - not a fixed amount 
Letter to request court to enter judgment in default - fixed amount 
Request for payment of judgment post-admission 
Involving the bailiffs 

A Lease 
Deed of assignment 
Licence to assign 
Deed of surrender 
Form 1 - Section 25 Notice
Form 2 - Section 25 Notice
Form 3 - Section 26 Notice 
A Licence to make alterations 
A Licence to occupy 
Notice to exclude the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954 - less than 14 days' notice 
Notice to exclude the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954 - at least 14 days' notice
Service occupancy
Licence to sub-let 
Tenancy at will 


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