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Cleaning Contractors Bid Model

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Over the years I've been approached many, many times by both new and established cleaning contractors - and they all seem to be asking the same few questions.

How To Get Cleaning Contracts

  • How do you calculate a charge?

  • What do you put in your quotation package?

  • How do you write a specification or an agreement?

  • What about risk assessments?

  • How many hours?

  • etc. etc.

It seems to me that those who are just starting out in this business are stumbling over the same few problems.

Over the past few months we've developed The Cleaning Contractors Bid Model, an essential tool for any cleaning contractor whether you're just starting out or not. Based upon an Excel spreadsheet, it has multiple tabs and allows you to 'build' your quotation and specification in simple stages, producing all of the documentation that you're likely to need.

Just take a look at what it does!

How To Win Cleaning Contracts

Page One - Enter your own company details.

Page Two - Enter your clients details.

Page Three - Enter a few variables i.e. wage rates, days per week, required profit margin, your local currency etc.

Page Four - Enter the measurements of the building.

That's the only data that you need to input!!!

Page Five - Displays all of the cost data, broken down into labour, management, supervision, health and safety, insurance, equipment, materials etc. etc. (based upon ISSA cleaning rates).

Page Six - Displays all of the contract timings, broken down into minutes per clean, hours per clean, shifts etc. etc. (based upon ISSA cleaning rates).

Page Seven - Displays and prints a set of risk assessments, personalised for your client.

Page Eight - Displays and prints a set of Method Statements.

Page Nine - Displays and prints a Service Level Agreement, a complete breakdown of what you will do and the standard to be met.

Page Ten - Displays and prints an agreement - a contract to be signed by yourself and your client.

Preparing a quotation and documentation for your client could never be easier than this. Furthermore it's an invaluable sales aid. Imagine sitting in front of a client with this magnificent tool on your laptop - once he's been involved in the process of 'building' his quotation, it will be very difficult for him to say no!! It will even work on a hand held PDA too!! Even left on a desktop PC back at the office you will wonder how you ever managed without it.

In many cases you can print the agreement and get his signature before you leave the building - at the quotation stage. Imagine how that will boost your sales.

Please Note: It doesn't matter what country you're in. You can change the currency on the 'variables' page!!

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